Wolverine catches a lot of hares and black grouses, hazel grouses, small rodents.

Does Nigel like to swim?

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He laughed a merry laugh.

This should be more than enough.

Space colonists thought that language was an important aspect of their lives. They sought an appropriate language.

We're currently studying the project's feasibility.

This river abounds in trout.

Walk faster so as not to fall behind.

I didn't know that man was your friend.

You will have to study a lot.

Pria didn't buy it.

You left me standing alone here on this road a long, long time ago.

She bore up well under unfavorable circumstances.

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Erwin got hacked.

It would of course be cheaper for you to sleep at our place.

That's all there is.


I'd like to be alone if you don't mind.


I need to lose some weight.

Not all people are evil bastards.

When must I go on board?

He will take it.

The midnight sun is a fantastic natural phenomenon.

My family is still working, so they can't go to Texas right away.

We need to get more clients in this.

Sid enjoys eating out.

Kyle is here.

How did you spend your winter vacation?

Is there a connection?


I wish they'd play this song over and over again.

Have lunch with me.

We'd better get moving.

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We only have simple wants.

It's never been harder for us to work than this year.

I wrote five letters before I went to bed.


Having, as you know, sleep problems, I woke up 3 times last night. So, this morning I was very sleepy.


My brother is keen on collecting stamps.

One must act as a man of thought and think as a man of action.

Send them over.

I've just gone and lost my key somewhere around here.

I'm always looking at you.

I feel like I have been here before.

Nobody believes in my country.

Last year's output of coal fell short of the standard.

I cannot but admire him.


Both Nhan and Manjeri wanted to visit John in the hospital.

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Where is he?

That would break the Prime Directive.

I want something in return.

I just don't want to be reminded of it.

There's no door.

Kory was my first real boyfriend.

We need to get in touch with Stevan's parents.

I don't know as much as I should.

Just listen to her.

I've known her a long time.

We both looked at them.

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Every person to his taste.

You will never realize what I went through.

We did what we could.


I wouldn't do that even if you paid me.

I was never your friend.

The helicopter was shot down by the Mexican army.


I'm from Denmark.

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The question of what constitutes a work of art is a controversial subject.

We went to Boston to visit Takayuki.

This store carries household equipment.


This is exciting.


His childlike laugh is charming.

Rolfe trusts us.

I can't bring myself to do that.

Enjoy yourself.

What happened at Bullock's this evening?

Somebody's got to talk to Nicolo.

Write your answer with a pen.

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I have to remember to buy this book tomorrow.

That's why I'm a bachelor.

Ore is enriched here.

I do almost everything better than Kazuhiro does.

The navy was ordered to go to sea.


The train belched clouds of black smoke into the air as it chugged away.

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I didn't buy them.


Dan began a new friendship with Linda.

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This is harder than I thought it would be.

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But the earth's magnetic field is very weak.


Grandchildren don't make a man feel old, it's the knowledge that he's married to a grandmother.


Isaac Newton died a virgin.


I guess it's only a joke.

There's an opinion that such coincidences are not coincident at all.

The Allies would not be stopped.

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Leila looked fine Monday.

Your kiss is bitter with cocaine.

Ira told me to knock on the door.

What should Kristin do?

Mariou's savings will soon run out.

To my knowledge, he has not been involved in the fraud scheme.

I know you hired him.

The grandmother gives candies to her grandchildren.

Kory is here to talk.

We ate vegetarian lasagna.

A lot of clients come to the lawyer for advice.


There is nothing about Easter in the Bible.


Michelle didn't forget to do his homework this time.

This one is a book about stars.

He works for his living.


I underestimated them.


What on earth are you talking about?


Please do as I say.


To my mind, the worst part of air travel is the hanging around in airport lounges.

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He set up a company recently.


Lana has had his licence suspended.


Don't be such a pig! Leave some for everyone else.

My father put a fence around the garden.

The fakes are very easy to spot.

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Foxes have long tails and pointed ears.

How many black and white movies have you seen?

"Oh, mother," said the housewife, breaking into bitter tears.


Please do it over.


May God reward you.

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He leaned over her and kissed her.

I just had a talk with your teacher.

Why does he look so black?


What actually happened is a bit different from what you said.


This seat has a clear view of the stage.


I don't suppose it's going to rain.

Let's try doing it this way.

Tigger is just a friend from school.

What Morton did was disgusting.

I don't know anything about their relationship.

She can't tell the good from the bad.

Conrad doesn't like Curtis's attitude.


She has 2,000 books.


Weather permitting, let's go on a picnic.


Win and Pete visited Northern Europe.

How did you know my name was Ami?

Do you want to try?

Are you interested in foreign languages?

After Benson had drunk quite a bit of beer at the party, he imitated Chewbacca's voice.

It's all for the best.

The future is one big question mark.

One day I will go to live in Iceland.

Reid bought three dozen eggs.

The goods were entered to her.

I am here.


Biddle was an extremely intelligent man.

Your hair is longer than mine.

Sickness and health start with the mind.

Don't forget to charge your cell phone.

If you believe society hasn't made anything worthwhile, then you might believe also in mass destruction.

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I like to travel and meet new people.

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Several of them are opposed to the bill.

Roxana never did anything Hunter had to forgive him for.

They are still looking for the criminal.